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Hi, I'm Nicolas Hollmann and this is my personal site and blog.
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First Blogpost

August 13, 20192 min read

echo "Hello World!"

This is my first entry in this blog. Here I will answer some general questions about this blog.

Why do I want to write a blog?

I really love to read articles on Medium, Dev.to or blogs by other developers. Often I get the desire to write about some themes myself. Other than that, I like to teach people new skills. Because of that I decided to start my own blog.

I will experiment with publishing articles from this site on Medium and Dev.to too. I don’t know if I keep it that way.

What is this blog about?

Everything I like to write about. I don’t want to restrict myself on this term. In gerneral, the content will be of a technical nature, most of the time about software dvelopment. Some themes will be more adequate for beginners, others for intermediate to advanced users. The most articles are expecting that you already can progam. Some of the articles will be more like a tutorial, that you can work through. Otherwise they are about things I want to learn myself so they only describe how I approch something.

Who am I anyway?

To answer this questions I have the about me site. Currently it isn’t really filled with content but I will change that. Under projects you can find a selection of projects I’ve worked on in the past.

How can you reach me?

Best via Twitter, because I look there regulary. DMs are open for everyone, but you just can tag me on a twwet, I will read that too. Also, for private requests you can reach me with the email in the legal notices. It may take some time until I answere there.

I really would appreciate feedback on the articles on this blog. At the moment I don’t have a comment feature because I don’t want to embed external providers like Disqus. Maybe I write an own system for that, but for now there aren’t any comments possible.

Which system do I use for this blog?

This site was created with Gatsbyjs. It is a static site generator which takes React applications written in JavaScript and builds HTML, CSS and JS Bundles from that. This allws me to use a simple WebServer without any serverside logic to operate this blog. I write the articles as Markdown files. Who knows, maybe I write an article about Gatsby ;)

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